Vynco Lighting

During my time at Vynco I managed over 20 sub-brand and third party supplier brands. Vynco Lighting, as you might expect, was the lighting division of Vynco, supplying LED products. This was the division of the business that underwent the most change in my four years there.

I created the product packaging, labels, in-store displays, tradeshow displays, POS displays and bin boxes, installation instruction sheets, release flyers and I often did the product photography for each new product.

The Vynco Lighting brand underwent a significant shift through the course of 2017.  We released an entirely new catalogue of products, and the Managing Director had the idea to name them all after movie stars as a point of difference. The LED lighting market is overly saturated and very competitive, most products are all much of the same. The idea of naming them would set Vynco products apart and make them more memorable. My design concept was to change the brand from black and green to gold and green (green for LED lighting is so over done), to represent the Hollywood glitz and glam. The basic page layout still needed to be very simple and very heavily specification based. To make our catalogue stand out from the masses in the wholesalers, I opted for a small amount of gold foil stamping on the front cover. I also reduced the book down to a square rather than the standard A4. This foil stamping did its job and left a lasting impression on many of the wholesale staff and electricians alike.