Vynco Industries

Vynco Industries ltd are a leading distributor of electrical products within New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. Their customers were mainly the key electrical wholesalers throughout the country, although some of the marketing material was directed at the electrician, and the end user. Vynco has a sister company, PDC, and several internal brands, as well as supplier brands that had to be managed internally. I worked as an in-house designer at Vynco Industries for 4 years.


Much of our marketing material is not targeted to the home owner or end user, as they are not our customer. We created this domestic profile for architects and contractors to use to present our products to the home owner or developer. This would ideally lead to Vynco product being specified in the build. The domestic profile consisted of 6 booklets in a gift box, for a more high-end feel, that was not so throw-away like a standard glossy handout. Ultimately this format did not succeed, even though it was well received, because it was too expensive to produce and we could not keep the booklets current, as the product changed so often. The booklets represented the categories: switchgear, ventilation, distribution, indoor lighting, lamps and outdoor lighting. There was also one for a smart home system, but it was discontinued early on.


Vynco released a new trade price catalogue every 12-18 months, and it took about that long to make the next one. As soon as the newest version was released, we were starting work on the next one.

Each catalogue contained over 8,000 lines of product, for each product we had to check the correct specifications, stock availability, sales history and demand and trade price. We also had to source correct image of the product, which is sometimes a challenge when the product is not in stock. All this information had to be cross referenced with the company wide inventory system.

In the final 3-4 months leading up to the final sign off, there would be a price increase exercise. I would be provided with the spreadsheets indicating the price increase percentage for each product, and I would do all the price adjustments manually in the live InDesign file.

I also worked on hundreds of single sheet flyers for all the various departments of Vynco. A couple of examples are pictures above, right. We would produce a flyer for every new product range released, as well as new flyers to promote updated features of existing products.