Rum and Que Packaging

Rum and Que are a team of award winning low and slow barbeque pitmasters, who decide to package up their prized recipies to share with the world.

We worked together to upgrade and revamp their dry rub packaging, and create a visually cohesive family of products for low and slow bbq enthusiasts. The Rum and Que team were keen to maintain their brands rough, Western aesthetic, which was achieved.

Rum and Que also released a Meat Juice bbq sauce which was derived from their competition recipe which has bagged them plenty of silverware. Meat Juice is designed to be used as a dipping sauce for all meats, and if you heat it up a little before use, goes great as a glaze on all sorts of pork cuts, but heavenly on pork ribs. Mouth watering yet?

Recently, the team have been working on a rance of retail, family oriented sauces, which appeal to the general public who may sit outside of the pitmaster scene. the ‘Slap it on’ range has been launched with the first product, a Carolina style mustard sauce.