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Raywin Creative Ltd

 Logo Design
 Brand Guide

Raywin Creative is a New Zealand company in the scrap-booking and fashion stationary industry. They wanted a fun and dynamic brand treatment to align with their creative and visual products.

The branding package included a few example of real-world applications of  the visual elements and brand assets.

 I created a pattern set of hand-made style lines and spots that can be applied to various colour combinations within the brand palette.

Please get in touch today for more information on this project, or to get a quote for your customised branding package.


R&S Pictures

 Logo Design
 Business Card Design

R&S Pictures (formerly Reload & Smoke) a New Zealand based production company, representing a select group of high end Photographers who are also Directors.

The team was after a re-brand and changes to their existing logo, as well as new business cards to match the new brand. R&S wanted to keep their 3D glasses symbol, but update their font and the anaglyph colour scheme in the 3D effect. We ended up doing six versions of the logo, to suit all applications.

Check out their website to see what they do. See more of this project here.

Wellington Waste Managers

 Logo Design
 Brand Guide

WWM is a new collective of zero waste advocates offering waste minimisation services to the events community in the Wellington region. Their brief was for a 2 colour logo with strong visual impact that included the initials ‘WWM’. 

We created a logo based around organic shapes and letterforms that reference the core environmental values of WWM. 

Click here to see more of this project.


 Logo Design

The team from Subcreators (formerly Subcreators Co) came across my instagram profile, and got in touch regarding a rework of their logo. They told me that the design they had was to cryptic and it didn’t help clients understand what they do.

We discussed a typographic, wordmark logo for their new design, simple and elegant, but modern and transparent – in terms of the services offered.  I look forward to working with Subcreators again in the future. Check out their instagram to see what they can do.

Remix Magazine

 Social Media Artwork
 Instagram Stories

Remix Magazine wanted a set of frames to upload as stories to their Instagram profile. They had a set of 5 headlines and they wanted each to be split into multiple frames so that viewers have to click through to get the full story or reveal the image.

The gif shows how they read as a set.

Castle Electrical

 Logo Design
 Branding & Visual Identity
 Web Design
 Flyer Design

My employers at Mechatronics Engineering (scroll down) also started up a domestic electrical brand, Castle Electrical. I designed and built the brand and the logo as well as the website.

The name ‘Castle’ came from the owners wanting to focus on the higher-end suburbs in Auckland for their servcies, and castles carry connotactions of wealth via their historic connection to royalty.

We also thought about how, to each homeowner, their own home is their castle, no matter how big or small, or how new or old it is.

The website was built in WordPress, I also managed a Google Ads campaign to help drive traffic to the site, as there is significant competition in the domestic electrical space.

Click to view the live site.

Castle Electrical also did a flyer drop in their local area, so I designed a simple flyer for them to promote their range of services in their local area.

We also had a lot of success generating leads via Facebook marketing, creating competitions and sharing with local community pages in the West Auckland area.

Mechatronics Engineering

 Logo Design
 Branding & Visual Identity
 Web Design
 Company Profile Design

Mechatronics Engineering Ltd is an Industrial Automation company run by a husband and wife team, based in West Auckland. I started out by freelancing their logo design and a project proposal document. They asked me to come on board as their Marketing Manager in April 2018.

One of the first jobs when I originally started with Mechatronics was their company profile. It was an internal exercise to help them define their offer and categorise services. The profile was a great sales tool for the team to take to initial consultations with clients, and digital versions we emailed as follow up to cold calls.

The next big task was the website, although once we had the offer laid out clearly in the company profile, it became a lot easier to organise the content. The site started out with only 8 pages, but several extensions with industry specific content were added. Before my employment with this company ended, we started adding case studies to the website as endorsements for their experience.

Click to view the live site.


 Product Brochure design
 Flyer Design
 Corporate Document Design
 Product Catalogue Design

I worked as an in-house designer at Vynco Industries for 4 years. Vynco Fusion was an existing product brand when I started at Vynco. I completed the design and production of several versions of this brochure in my time at Vynco. We had new releases every 6 to 12 months, when we had new products to add to the range. All of the product photography was also my work, over 110 switch-plates all up.

Much of the Vynco marketing material was not targeted to the home owner or end user, as they were not directly the Vynco customer.

We created this domestic profile for architects and contractors to use to present our products to the home owner or developer. This would ideally lead to Vynco product being specified in the build. The domestic profile consisted of 6 booklets in a gift box, for a more high-end feel.

The booklets represented the categories: switchgear, ventilation, distribution, indoor lighting, lamps and outdoor lighting. 

Vynco Lighting

 Product Brochure design
 Flyer Design
 Product Catalogue Design

In my time at Vynco I managed over 20 sub-brand and third party supplier brands. Vynco Lighting, as you might expect, was the lighting division of Vynco, supplying LED products. This was the division of the business that underwent the most change in my four years there. 

I created the product packaging, labels, installation instruction sheets, release flyers and often did the product photography for each new product. 


The Vynco Lighting brand underwent a significant shift through the course of 2017.  We released an entirely new catalogue of products, and the Managing Director had the idea to name them all after movie stars as a point of difference.

My design concept was to change the brand from black and green to gold and green (green for LED lighting is so over done), to represent the Hollywood glitz and glam. The basic page layout still need to be very simple and very heavily specification based. To make our catalogue stand out from the masses in the wholesalers, I opted for a small amount of gold foil stamping on the front cover. I also reduced the book down to a square rather than the standard A4, so that it wouldn’t blend in on the shelf. This foil stamping did it’s job and left a lasting impression on many of the wholesale staff and electricians alike.

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